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Join the Rapids Coaching Staff!!

Inclusive Philosophy

At the Niagara Rapids we believe that competing on a team teaches commitment, discipline, perseverance and sacrifice, builds confidence and instills a sense of belonging.  We are committed to offering this opportunity to ALL athletes who wish to play club volleyball. Our 23 teams provide an avenue for an athlete to find a good ‘fit’ for their skill and experience level. We are looking for coaches for the 2017/18 season and have opportunities at all team levels.   No matter what your coaching experience, your contribution is welcome!!  Click for Coaching Application

Coaching Profile

We are looking for coaches who:

  • are positive and encouraging
  • can communicate honestly so our athletes can fulfil their potential
  • are strong leaders who care as much about developing character and integrity in their athletes as they do about building sound technical skill
  • are passionate and value both hard work and fun
  • are continuous learners
  • are self-aware and recognize both their strengths and their weaknesses.



The club season starts with tryouts in September and ends with Provincial Championships in April.  Some teams may compete at the Nationals extending the season into May.  We practice 2-3 times a week in gyms ranging from  St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Beamsville, Fonthill and Vineland. We want our coaches to coach, so all team paperwork is handled by a manager. The Rapids organization is responsible for all OVA player and OVA tournament registration.  Rapids will register coaches with the OVA and cover the OVA membership fee.



All Rapids coaches are volunteers and give of their time and talent to the athletes of the Niagara Region. Coaches will receive an honorarium at the end of the season.  The amount of the honorarium is based on certification level and a loyalty bonus based on the number of years coaching for the Rapids.

Vulnerable Sector Screening 

All coaches and assistant coaches are required to submit a Vulnerable Sector Screening Check in accordance with the Ontario Volleyball Volunteer Screening Policy requirements. Please note that processing can take up to 2 months to complete. No coach can be registered without a Vulnerable Sector Screening Check.

VSS Applications Options:

  1. Go in person to 5700 Valley Way Niagara Falls Ontario L2E 1X8 to apply for your police check. There is a $15.00 processing fee but you must have a letter from the Rapids stating that you are a volunteer. Please send an email to request the Rapids volunteer letter. schulzy2@sympatico.ca
  2. Apply on line http://www.policesolutions.ca/checks/services/niagara Please note there is an additional convenience fee for this service.




The OVA requires the following certification (see below).   The Rapids Technical Director will assist coaches with information about the certification process.   All certification fees are the responsibility of the coach, however there is an increase in the honorarium awarded with each completed certification level.

Age Category             NCCP Certification Requirement

14U, 15U, 16U             Level 1 Certified (Exemption available the first year)

17U, 18U                       Level 2 Technical  (in process)


Coaching Forms

Click to access all coaching forms