Friday Night Fun in the Sun Beach LeagueGrades 7 – 11 (2010-2006)

Bring your indoor game of sixes to the beach on Friday night!!  Time to have fun with the skills you’ve worked on all season!!   

Competitive Stream

Club/High school players show off your skills in a fun, social yet competitive environment.

 Recreational Stream

Friday Night volleyballers- continue the Friday Night fun on the beach!!   Ask a friend to join you as we grow the love for volleyball!!

To Register 

  • Register by clicking on the link below and filling out the form
  • Payment will be requested closer to the start date
  • Add a friend as your teammate or register as a single
  • To register as a team -add the names of your teammates on the form
  • Each team member must also register by clicking on the below and filling out the form
  • Co-ed or single gender teams

Program Details

  • Game play will either be 1 or 1 ½ hours depending on permit approval
  • Start Date: Friday May 5th, 2023
  • Duration: 9 weeks on Friday Nights
  • Time: games will run between 5:30 -8:30
  • Location: Lakeside/Sunset Beach & potentially Brock courts
  • Location and game time cannot be requested
  • Price to be determined pending Brock permit which will add more playing time  
  • For one hour of game play $150.00 –  for 1 ½ hours  $175.00  


Space is limited – register today!!   Click the link below to register.